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Main Character
Agumon Masaru Daimon
Gaomon Thoma H. Norshtein
Lalamon Yoshino Fujieda
Agumon Agumon
Agumon is a dinosaur type Digimon and Masaru's partner. It encounters Masaru while running away from DATS, and idolizes Masaru ever since it's been defeated by Masaru. It adores Masaru as its "aniki" (big brother) and follows Masaru everywhere. "Pepper Breather", spitting fire from his mouth, is one of its special technique. It evolves into "GeoGreymon" by receiving Masaru's Digi-Soul.
Gaomon Gaomon
Gaomon is a beast type Digimon and Thoma's partner. It addresses Thomas as "master", and loyally follows Thoma. Just like its partner, it is an elite Digimon with cool character and intelligence. It evolves into Gaogamon.
Lalamon Lalamon
Lalamon is a plant type Digimon and Yoshino's partner. "Seed Blast" is its special technique. Its relationship with Yoshino transcends the mere Digimon-human relationship, and they are bound by a friendship based on mutual trust. It evolves into "Sunflowmon".
Masaru Daimon Masaru Daimon
Masaru Daimon is a junior high school student who loves to fight more than anything else. He cannot help challenging strong opponents when he sees one. One day, he encounters a digimon "Agumon", and acquires Agumon as his henchman after winning a battle. While fighting Kokatorimon with Augmon, Masaru evolves Agumon in to GeoGreymon. He is recruited to be a member of DATS because of such potential.
Thoma H. Norshtein Thoma H. Norshtein
Thoma H. Norshtein is a prodigy who graduated from Stockholm Royal University of Science with top honors. His abilities are considered as an elite even within DATS. He believes in the investigation based on data and theoretical principles, so he always comes to conflicts with Masaru who follows his instincts. He acts as a playmaker who always makes accurate judgments. His mother is Japanese and his father is a prominent Austrian aristocrat.
Yoshino Fujieda Yoshino Fujieda
Yoshino Fujieda is the only girl in Masaru's group. She is 18 years old and older than Thoma and Masaru. She cunningly tries to make the younger Thoma and Masaru do the hard work but she is nonetheless highly competent and greatly trusted by her colleagues. Her favorite word is "marrying into money".
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