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Masaru Daimon, a boy who can't get enough of street fighting, has a one-on-one with a strange dinosaur-like creature. The creature turns out to be "Agumon", a "Digital Monster" or "Digimon" from the otherworldly realm called "Digital World". Masaru and Agumon becomes good friends after the initial battle. Masaru soon finds out that Agumon is actually a stray Digimon that escaped from and is wanted by a special organization for Digimon incidents called "DATS(Data Squad)". Masaru and Agumon, who are now fugitives on the run, encounter a matured stage Digimon Kokatorimon. Kokatorimon's gigantic figure arouses Masaru's fighting instincts. As Masaru strikes a blow at Kokatorimon, he acquires "Digi-Soul" on his fist, which Agumon uses to evolve into GeoGreymon and defeat Kokatorimon. The DATS commander Satsuma witnesses the battle and officially recruits Masaru and Agumon as members of DATS. Hence a street-fighter Masaru Daimon, along with Agumon on his side, stands up to protect the human world from the dangers of Digimons.

©Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation